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Passion for Knowledge 2016

What is Passion for Knowledge?

Passion for Knowledge (P4K) is a festival to promote science as a cultural key activity that also contributes to social and economic progress and development, as well as to social freedom. By gathering scientists, leading figures from different disciplines and citizens at large, the festival aims at bringing scientific knowledge to society and fostering the participation of the public in the dissemination of science and its values.

This year’s event is the third in a series of P4K festivals and the fifth large-scale science communication and outreach event hosted by Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC). Passion for Knowledge 2016 will mainly take place in the city of San Sebastian (Basque Country) from 27 September to 1 October 2016, jointly with the European Capital of Culture hold by the city this year 2016. Indeed, it forms an integral part of the official DSS2016EU Capital of Culture programme.

The event will serve to to assert, once again, that science is an essential part of human culture, probably the most important collective cultural piece of work of humankind. Passion for Knowledge is Passion for Culture.

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